The TierHotel in the old castle of Unterriexingen lies about 20 Km to the north of Stuttgart. It offers its guest dogs a holiday resort where they can feel “doggily” well groomed and looked after in a distinguished and historical ambience so that their owners can have peace of mind whilst on their travels or absence.

The selected number of guest dogs is granted a maximum of loving dog care and extensive exercise. In a dog-bungalow, especially designed to meet your pet’s needs, up to 20 dogs can lodge in their holiday quarters equipped with floor heating and air conditioning. During the day, the dogs can move between the comfortable interior lodgings and the half roofed external areas. Every day the dogs are frequently walked by experienced dog caretakers in the 30.000 qm2, fully enclosed park of the castle where they are also allowed to play. With the permission of the owners, even a swim in the nearby river “Enz” is possible.

To reduce the pain of being separated from their main person of reference, the dogs are grouped for their lodging into suitable pairs considering age, sex and temperament. For the walks, the dogs are teamed into harmonised play groups and are generally kept busy and cared for all day, avoiding any possible homesickness or psychological problems.

The dogs guests are fed a well-balanced and easily digestible mixture of meat- and cereal by the TierHotel!. If the dog has any special dietary requirements or you prefer a different brand, then you can either bring the food with you or we will try to acquire it.

The dogs undergo regular health checks given by a vet who also regularly audits the hygienic condition of the TierHotel!. We also offer a variety of special services, for instance obedience training, special coat treatment, transport service, etc..

After decades of keeping and breeding dogs and with our experienced staff, we assure you that you can leave your dog at the TierHotel! feeling confident that your pet is well lodged and taken care of. After a repeated stay at the HundeHotel! your dog will show his satisfaction with our service by returning every time with a happy wag of the tail and expectant tugging on the leash; this is the small but very important difference you will see compared to the other alternatives for leaving your dog in unknown hands.

Good dog care requires round-the-clock attention; this, even if expensive, is provided to our dog guests so that they remain happy and healthy during their stay.