Animal-loving obliges...?

You are trying to be responsible towards your pet by looking for a  professional, loving and secure caretaker for your four-legged friend. We have good news because you have come to the right place. Nevertheless, we will need your help to manage the quite difficult task of caring for dogs who are strangers to us in the best possible way. We ask you to give us all important and relevant information about your dog, to abide by our visiting hours and respect the agreed dates for dropping-off and collection, to avoid disrupting the daily routines which are designed to benefit the animals more than their owners. When we are expecting visitors, all dogs are kept separate from one another and are not taken in groups for walks or playing; this to avoid violent incidents such as fighting amongst the animals.

With this letter we attach some information about us to give you an impression of how we try to give our doggy guests a second home while you are away on your travels and errands. A second home, which they quickly accept and where they will play and have fun with their human guardians or other dogs, forgetting any bouts of homesickness.

All our activities focus on and around the dogs. Thus we very much look forward to receiving your questions on how we lodge our guests. We take only a small number of dogs at a time and therefore the individual animals can be looked after much better by their professional carers than for example by your neighbours or relatives; these people might share a lot of love for your pet, but are rarely able to offer specially designed surroundings such as ours with so much space to run free. Often your neighbours and relatives will have too little time to really look after your pet well. We are able to offer our guests an exceptional doggie’s paradise and a second home that you will have great difficulty to find elsewhere.

Many of the spoilt and thus difficult “only dogs” (i.e. single sibling) experience positive developments by being kept in “dog teams” with us. Of course we do take care in selecting which dogs go to make up a team: We avoid taking on notorious barking or biting dogs, because this usually leads to unnecessary excitement and stress for our other guests.

We would welcome the chance to show you how much in good spirits and well exercised your dog will return to you; we are sure that your dog will be greatly looking forward to his next holiday at the HundeHotel!! Our four-legged guests reward us by returning over and over again, each time happily wagging their tails!

Look at some published articles to allow you to arrive at a somewhat more impartial opinion on how we enable our guest dogs to experience an extraordinary and “dog-like” holiday at the HundeHotel! where they have a lot of fun, exercise and healthy food as well as loving and experienced dog care.

We very much look forward to welcome you and your dog at the HundeHotel! Until then we remain sincerely yours and send you our best “doggy” regards,

If you are interested if your dog feels comfortable here, please fill out the application form and bring the dog 3 days for a test (50 % price from a Monday to Wednesday or Tuesday to Thursday; but not in holiday season. Other visits are not possible because of the commotion (barking) caused for our animals. We are looking forward to see you and your pet for the short test period.

Nikolaus Prince von Ratibor and the AnimalHotel! Team